Jazz Night

The Good Time Jazz Band was formed 36 years ago when Mr Long got together with former schoolmate Sid Perou, of Embsay, and put together a jazz band made up of six members.

The musicians include Mr Long on coronet, Mr Perou on clarinet, John Moreman, of Airton, on trombone, Dave Stanley, of Silsden, on drums, Phil Kampon, of Baildon, on bass and Ron Payton, of Burnley, on banjo.

They played for six years in the Skipton area before starting over 30 year’s of performances in Addingham.


“We’re a band that has never taken itself too seriously and we’ve been able to develop a good rapport with the regulars.”

“We’ve always got on well together and there are no prima donnas in the band.”


And the dog loves it ………….